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   Prices:  are effected as of Jan 1st, 2018      NEW:  I'm also at Reilly Chiropractic Office at  4751 West Park Ave, CF( Near American Inn, Avalon Motel) Offering Massage Therapy to Dr. Reilly's clients.Prices and hours may vary. Mon, Thurs and Fridays

One Hour Massage....$60.00

Half hour massage....$40.00

90 minute massage...85.00   

   Hot-stones are $10.00 extra

   Cash, checks or credit cards accepted: Master Card, Visa or American Express.


Special: Buy 5 One hour massage and get one hour Free

Or buy 3 One hour massages and get a 30 minutes gift cert. for Free

Call today to invest in your health.             ABMP member since 2006

715-497-0015      Carla Schultz   License # 10563-146    CPR/AED Certified

Therapeutic Massage$60 / 60 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$40 / 30 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$85 / 90 minutes
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